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Name: train leather
Material: NanoPU + 100%polyester
Specifications: 1.2mm * 137cm
Color: gray, beige, brown and so on, can be customized according to requirements.
Packing: 50 meters /, plastic bag roll ( or according to requirements. )
Number: KS083351-083380
Product brief introduction:
1: nano flame resistant grain leather material and production process of complete environmental protection, does not contain organic solvents, on the human body does not produce no allergens and skin of harmful substances.
* organic solvent - beings known as VOC ( example: propane, toluene, trichloroethylene hydrocarbons).
2: the bacteriostatic / effective antibacterial TTRI test bacteria reducing rate of more than 99.94%; mildew, anti-mite, smoke removal, deodorization.
3: the far-infrared function / with far infrared function, can promote human blood circulation, activation of cells.
4: flame retardant / through the TTRI flame test, far more than the United States and Taiwan MISS302" Ministry of transportation vehicle research center ARTC ' standard.
5: wear resistance / with specifications leather, can increase 50% the degree of wear-resistant, durable and comfortable leather more than.
6: permeability / intensive air permeability, each code 36" X 54" 328563 pores.

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