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Auto leather Car Leather Car roof lining Yacht leather seat fabric PVC Kingsun

Genuine knowledge:
A leather seats of the two major advantages.
1easy to clean. Relative to the cloth seats, dust can fall in leather seating surfaces, not deepen to the seat depth, so gently wiping with a cloth can finish cleaning work, the cloth seats also needs to buy cushion protection, otherwise once dirty, may have infiltrated into the seat of the chair, shorten the service life.
2easier to heat. Although the leather will absorb heat, but its thermal performance is better. Summer noon sun was hot vehicle, seat must be very hot. But if it is leather seats, pat a few will be able to disperse heat, or sit on it for a period of time will not feel so hot. While the velvet seat is not such a good radiating performance.
Two cortical classification and characteristics.
Yellow leather, is what we often say that a leather, automotive leather seats are all the most common material, appearance exquisite soft, almost invisible pores, firm texture and very flexible, so the processing of the seat is very beautiful.
Buffalo is also known as the B grade leather, yellow leather compared with advantage is firm and wear-resistant, defect is not soft, feel bad, poor toughness, rough appearance, clear pores, processing of the seat with yellow leather look slightly worse than.
In addition to the above two kinds of cortex, in the market also can often see a grade C skin, which is the two layer of skin of cattle and buffalo.
C skin, with a skin and skin compared to B, whether it is the quality, appearance, feel, and the use of life, have a lot of difference. Therefore do not advocate customers to use B level below the cortical processing of seat. Under normal circumstances, a skin and B leather processing out of the seat, the general can use5 to8 years, that is to say, in China's current situation, even if the car is scrapped or updated, leather seats are fundamental can keep intact. C skin advantage is low prices, but life is short.
Whether it is a good skin, the skin, the key lies in conservation. If the routine of improper maintenance, service life of only 1,2 years. Therefore, to promote the user one month to conserve time, three months to clean, can be a lifetime. Like shoes will often play the shoeshine maintenance, maintenance with leather seats, leather polish ( an oily agent, leather seats ) to add a layer of protective film, make the face look even more slippery bright, avoid dryness, peeling leather. The owner can make the automobile cosmetology store regular maintenance, can also be scheduled to conservation.
Three, five strokes recognition true: see touch burned rub pull
One is to look at, professional personage says, not afraid, afraid of goods than the goods. First is to look at the skin surface, good lubrication, skin and meticulous, bright color, have small pores.
The two is to touch, which is the most effective method. Good skin feel soft, smooth and flexible, if the leather particles, hard or sticky plates are beneath contempt.
Three is burned, although also a leather synthetic leather one, but with a leather raw materials and different processing technology, after burning will have different odors and combustion residues are also different.
The four is to clean, use moist fine gauze in the skin surface and wipe back and forth nine times, if there are bleaching, the color fastness standards.
Five is pulled up, both hands skin to pull on both sides, if the leather present seam marks or show plain background, then shows the flexibility of leather and dyeing process is.
Four, leather seats, cleaning and maintenance
The dermis is the greatest enemy of cutlery, hard and high temperature. Usual to beware of sharp objects on leather. To prolong the service life, should prevent exposure, it is best not to exceed 60degrees celsius. Thus, with leather seats in the vehicle, preferably with sunscreen membrane (ultraviolet and infrared mapping ), summer shade parking choice as far as possible, to prevent the long time exposure in the sun to make leather hardens, cracking, fading.
In 1, car seat as far as possible from the source of heat two feet away from the heat source, such as too close will cause leather chapped
In 2, not long time exposure in the sun, so to prevent the leather fade
3, regular cleaning and maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner to dust.
In4, clean. Do not use hair dryer to fast drying leather, to achieve the natural air-dry.
Five, life coup: transparent soap cleaning leather seats
With the clean soft towel soaked in warm water, soap and moderate average in the towel, then quietly wipe the seat ( fold can be repeatedly wipe ). At this point, the towel if get dirty, decontamination has obvious effect to prove. After cleaning soap ventilation drying, cleaning after excluding soap wet towel wipes two times. The surface clean decontamination, osteoporosis, refreshing. This method is also applicable to the interior of the door and the dashboard plastic parts. The reason for this is soap ( soap ) decontamination is strong, and no stimulus to human skin, the dermis is more applicable.
Leather heat aging fade easily cracking, thus when the vehicle is equipped with leather seats, at the same time to give the vehicle transfer coating of splitting, and curtains to reduce UV damage to leather. Try not to smoke in cars, away from such heat source. Summer park vehicles to choose cool place.
The usual for leather seats to regular professional leather soft cleaning maintenance, protection of the flexible toughness and gloss. The new car, leather seats to a glazing agent to increase the maintenance better layer.Auto textile leather kingsun Manufacture

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